Big Ten should demand an apology from Nebraska

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The Big Ten became the first of the Power 5 conference to call off its football season on Tuesday, and member school University of Nebraska made its opposition to the decision known.

Head football coach Scott Frost and athletic director Bill Moos went as far to suggest that the team could try to compete in another conference, though just three of the Power 5 conference remain after the Pac-12 followed suit with the Big Ten. On Wednesday, the Big 12, however, announced its intention to play this fall, while the ACC and SEC haven’t altered their plans.

Despite potentially having options, it’s unlikely Nebraska officials would do anything at the expense of losing a lucrative Big Ten membership.

Nevertheless, according to ESPN’s Desmond Howard, Nebraska has already dug its grave.

“You think that they’re the only team that really wants to play? Of course not,” Howard said on ESPN’s “Get Up” Wednesday morning. “All the teams and all the coaches want to play, but they’re not whining and crying and then talking about an exit — talking about leaving the conference. I think that at this point, I would demand an apology from the chancellor and the president and Scott Frost.

“And not one behind closed doors — a public apology. Or, if I’m [Big Ten Commissioner] Kevin Warren right now, I’m working on a way to get their ass out of the Big Ten.”

Warren dismissed the Nebraska remarks as just being passionate.

“We have 14 schools in the Big Ten conference,” he told ESPN. “I appreciate the passion of all of our schools. I didn’t expect all of our coaches to be ecstatic that the decision was made, so I understand they’re passionate. … My expectation is that when you’re in a conference, you can’t be in a conference and be an independent. That’s where we are. I expect for our 14 members to go forward together.”