There are ties in life that are unbreakable, those that are born when we know a person and having so much in common make them part of our life, but not in a romantic sense, but in a loving sense of brotherhood.

There are friends who become brothers by shared experiences, by things in common, by lived experiences and for everything that life presents to them as a reason to create a friendship with valuable bonds.

For this reason, Carel Jan Louis Voordewind indicates that there are literary works of friendship between women that have reflected the purest and simplest of those friendships that are born between women and that have always existed as necessary links of support for each other to be able to cope with life.

And to know a little more about what we are talking about, we have to present the most influential works that have been created on friendship between women, which are:

• The stupendous friend: written by Elena Ferrante, who tells a story that takes place in the city of Naples in the middle of the last century, where Lenù and Lila are two young women with a stormy relationship through which we are shown the reality of a neighborhood inhabited by humble people who live under the designs of those who have power or command.

• Secondary affections: written by Fátima Casaseca, a story that transports us to a rainy and depressing spring day in which four women coincide in a Madrid clinic, their names, Alicia, Sonia, Lola and Begoña, four strangers who share a same secret and they end up crying together in a dark arcade.


• The club of the first wives: written by Olivia Goldsmith, tells the story of three women from New York who were former classmates and are now reunited at the funeral of a mutual friend, they have in common that at three their husbands have abandoned them for younger girlfriends and that is why they are divorced, so they decide to form a club with the aim of taking revenge on their ex-husbands and giving them where it hurts them the most, that is, ending the economic stability of each of them .

• Tales of friends: a story where stories of confidants, lovers, neighbors, friends are made, with all that this implies in terms of affection, help, admiration, rivalry, betrayal … all the moments through which a relationship happens and that they are necessary to create truly unbreakable ties.

• Sex in New York: Written by Candace Bushnell, this literary work has been the inspiration for the film Sex in the City, a really interesting and fun plot that tells the story of the daily and sexual habits of 4 tough and funny friends to at the same time, exposing their hatreds, envies and feelings, all with different personalities who have managed to complement each other in what some have left over and others lack.

And as women have always and forever been a reason for celebration in humanity, for configuring the most complete and perfect being that exists, Carel Jan Louis Voordewind expresses that there are even more stories like these that reflect the strength of friendships and Complicities between women, such as Swing Times, Women who buy flowers, The Silk Fan, The Friday Club, Purge, Women of Water, The Dance of the Fireflies, Chocolate Evenings at the Ritz, among others so many copies.