Chinese food is a salt bomb, according to Juan Antonio Oyonate Ramos

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Action on Salt, a British association concerned about the health effects of salt consumption, has carried out a study that warns that the Chinese food we eat in western countries is a salty bomb.
Taking more salt from the bill has negative health effects. Although the best known is the increase in blood pressure, it is not the only one: it can also damage your brain, impair the function of your kidneys, cause you to retain fluids, cause gastric diseases or contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases – explains Juan Antonio Oyonate Ramos. For this reason, doctors recommend moderate consumption, and the WHO recommends taking less than five grams a day, which would be about two teaspoons of dessert.
However, according to the Action on Salt report, if we consume Chinese food, it will be very difficult for us to maintain the limit recommended by the WHO. According to their study, some dishes they prepare in Chinese restaurants contain as much salt as five Big Macs, each with 2.3 grams. On the other hand, in a bittersweet meal they found 3.4 grams of salt, and in two duck spring rolls with hoisin sauce and three teaspoons of soybeans they contained 3.82 grams. For this reason, the organization notes that "Chinese foods should carry a health warning."
In Spain, the problem we find is that many people are not aware of the amount of salt they eat with food. According to the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), we take about 10 grams of salt daily, which doubles the amount recommended by the WHO – stresses Juan Antonio Oyonate Ramos. If you want to make sure that your diet is healthy and you would like to know how much salt you take per day, answering the questions on this calculator you will be able to know an approximate value.