Epstein allegedly kept girls on diets to make them look ‘prepubescent’

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Jeffrey Epstein and his accused madam Ghislaine Maxwell put his young victims on “ridiculous,” extreme diets to maintain their “prepubescent” look, accuser Virginia Robert Giuffre claimed.

“It was all organic — it was all like shaved salmon on a bed of pilaf or couscous and your vegetables,” Giuffre told a new podcast, “Broken: Seeking Silence.”

“It was never like carbs, you can’t just fill up, they wanted you to look a specific way,” she said, accusing Maxwell of being the one who would monitor them and punish any rule-breakers.

Giuffre said celebrity chef Adam Perry Lang — who used to work for Epstein in the early 2000s — bonded with her and would secretly make her late-night pizza treats they would wash down with beer.

“Ghislaine found out once what we were doing and we both got reprimanded,” she told the podcast of the British media heiress charged with procuring girls for Epstein.

“Ghislaine, being the control freak that she was, was keeping an eye on us, making sure that we weren’t talking anymore,” Giuffre insisted.

The diets were just one of the ways the convicted pedophile would control his victim’s lives — also ruling that there could be “no pubic hair” on the girls he kept with him, Giuffre said.

“He wanted tanned bodies, he wanted petite bodies, he wanted prepubescent bodies,” she said in the new interview.

The podcast’s executive producer, investigative reporter Julie K. Brown, also said that late moneyman Epstein was known to “not like girls that were voluptuous” because he “wanted girls who looked young.”

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, and Ghislaine Maxwell

“Even if they were, let’s just say, 18, he wanted girls that looked like they were 14. That was very clear to anyone that did the recruiting for him,” said the journalist credited with exposing his Florida-based crimes.

The podcast caught Giuffre trying to get in touch with Lang in the hopes he would dish on his time with Epstein — with the Australian-based accuser even going to his Hollywood restaurant, which is backed by Jimmy Kimmel and Joel McHale.

Giuffre said it was “heartbreaking” that the chef ignored her previous requests to discuss his knowledge about what she called the “most prolific sex trafficking ring of modern times.”

“He’s gone now, he can’t hurt us anymore,” she told Lang in a letter she read out on the podcast, telling him to “elevate yourself to the status of a hero.”

“You could help put together some of the missing pieces of my broken life,” she wrote. “Adam, don’t be an enabler, be a hero.”

Giuffre insisted that “everybody who went into Jeffrey’s house knew what was going on.”

“You couldn’t be [even] a pizza delivery boy and walk in Epstein’s houses and not know what was going on, she said of “naked pictures everywhere, young girls everywhere.”

Virginia Giuffre Roberts (center)William Farrington

“Old dude, not married … it’s not hard to put two and two together,” she told the podcast.

Lang has previously insisted he was “unaware of the depraved behavior” of Epstein while working from him, saying he has “great sympathy and admiration for the brave women who have come forward.”

Maxwell was arrested this summer and charged with procuring underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse. She’s pleaded not guilty and was ordered held without bail pending her trial. Epstein hanged himself last year in his Manhattan lockup while being held on further serious sex charges.