NYPD detective admits to lying while grilling Tessa Majors murder suspect

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An NYPD detective acknowledged in court on Wednesday that he misled a teen suspect in the murder of Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors during his interrogation on the timeline of the slaying and surveillance footage of the attack.

“I did lie,” Detective Wilfredo Acevedo said in Manhattan family court of his grilling of 13-year-old felony-murder suspect Zyairr Davis. “Sometimes you say things to engage the person that is speaking.”

Davis has admitted to helping two 14-year-olds mug Majors, 18, inside Morningside Park in December, but denied being the one who fatally stabbed her when the robbery went south.

Acevedo acknowledged bluffing to Davis that he already knew the details of the run-in, and suggested that the deadly knifing was captured on video.

“I’m going to ask you questions I already know the answers to,” said Acevedo in a video clip of the interrogation, played during the hearing. “If you lie, you will get in serious trouble.”

Acevedo asked Davis what time he left Morningside Park on the day of Majors’ murder and who he’d been there with — neither of which the lawman actually knew at the time — and that there were several surveillance cameras in the park, when in fact the knifing was caught only in grainy footage from a far-off camera.

“We can lie, yes,” testified Acevedo after the clip played. “I felt the witness wasn’t being truthful. He was being kind of evasive.”

Davis, whose case is ongoing in the court, said nothing throughout Wednesday’s hearing, biting his fingernails throughout the proceeding.

His alleged accomplices were also arrested earlier this month.

Luchiano Lewis allegedly put Majors in “a bear hug or headlock” during the robbery, while Rashaun Weaver allegedly stabbed her with such fury that feathers flew from her winter coat, authorities have alleged.


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