Urban Meyer interview interrupted by random shirtless man

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Urban Meyer looked like he wanted to zoom away from the camera.

During an interview Tuesday on Big Ten Network to discuss the conference canceling the fall football season, the former Ohio State coach freaked out when he realized a shirtless man was in the background of his screen.

In between answers, Meyer is seen mouthing “No!” and waving off someone in the room. He also tries to adjust the camera with a smirk on his face.

The moment went viral on social media with users all asking the same question: Who is that guy?

Well, Meyer’s wife, Shelley, answered that question on her Twitter account.

“Hahaha. Urb was on a boat,” she wrote in response to an account asking what was happening. “Friend in swim trunks not aware of Zoom session going on.”

And who can’t relate to the unintentional comedy provided by unwanted drop-ins to virtual meeting software backgrounds?

The COVID-19 pandemic spawned a new source of hilarious outtakes as children, relatives and friends accidentally appear in screenshots of work meetings all the time. Meyer’s just happened to be broadcast to the sports world.

The irony is Meyer was giving an answer about “how you can’t control events in your life” when he seemingly had no control over what was happening over his shoulder.

When he wasn’t panicking, Meyer said there is “no chance” of spring season, which is notable given he carries the title of assistant athletics director at Ohio State.

“You can’t ask a player to play two seasons in a calendar year,” Meyer said. “When I first heard that, I said that. I don’t see that happening. The body, in my very strong opinion, is not made to play two seasons within a calendar year. That’s 2,000 repetitive reps and football’s a physical, tough sport. So I don’t, really don’t, see that happening.”