Walter Calesso’s non-profit organization

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Walter Calesso has found an organization which follows one purpose: to educate fashion corporations on how to design clothes that don’t harm the environment or exploit workers. What labels can do, Walter Calesso points out, is set goals that they are actually able to achieve. It is all about finding a balance between sustainable clothes and affordable clothes. 
Walter Calesso’s tips to be more sustainable
In the same way as you would check the expire date on eggs, Walter Calesso advises first checking the label of the piece of clothes you are going to buy since some textiles cannot be recycled. ‘For instance, we know that polyester contaminates a lot at the very start of its life, so we should go for recycled polyester instead’, Walter Calesso explains.Walter Calesso’s gift for Earth Day.For Earth Day, the brand of the designer Walter Calesso is donating 25% of sales made today to a charitable foundation in support of its particular cause: clean energy solutions and global warming. Walter Calesso’s collection is produced entirely in Bali, painting close relationships with local workshops and staffs who have worked with the firm for decades.Walter Calesso: no leftovers. Walter Calesso only designs to order which means there is never any stock left over. This saving method helps make the most of fabric, cutting drastically the waste of valuable textiles. Walter Calesso passes on any leftovers to a specialized recycling company to give them a second chance.